Agile Coach, Mentor, and Instructor

As a seasoned Agile Consultant, Coach, MentorInstructor, and Workshop/Meeting Facilitator, I help organizations, teams, and individuals fulfill their potential by sharing practical, pragmatic Lean and Agile best practices and processes. I draw on two decades of experience and leadership in a variety of roles—from Software Engineer to Director of Product development—to design and deliver outstanding services that educate, inform, and inspire others to do their best work.

My extensive experience with companies from startups to Fortune 500s gives me unique insight into the challenges of maintaining the right balance between discipline and flexibility—a balance that is essential for maintaining a competitive edge today. With heavy expertise and a light touch, I have successfully helped many organizations implement elegant and effective ways to manage work and engage people—with a clear focus on delivering value.

I channel my experiences in the trenches and my natural ability to connect with people to help individuals and teams develop an Agile mindset, embrace sound engineering practices, and adopt the right Agile and Lean processes that fit their unique environment. My training and coaching experience includes working with co-located and remote teams in a broad range of industries including: high-tech, software, energy, education, healthcare, hospitality, and government. I derive great satisfaction knowing that my work inspires and motivates individuals and teams to engage their projects with greater energy, broader creativity, and deeper purpose.

My strength and success as a technical and business coach and instructor is built on a strong technical foundation—with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) from Drexel University. My passion and curiosity about people, process, and organizations have grown from that foundation through extensive project management training and experience. I hold certifications as a PMP (Project Management Professional), CSM (Certified Scrum Master), CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner), and CSP (Certified Scrum Professional). I am also a recognized Agile Team Facilitator and Certified Agile Coach through the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile).

I am part of an active Agile Community—regularly serving in speaking and leadership roles at local events—and founded the South Florida Women In Agile group. I am also a member of the South Florida PMI.  When not spending time on something ‘Agile related,’ I enjoy traveling with my husband and daughter, cooking multi-cultural cuisine, and practicing yoga and meditation.