Twelve Steps to Happiness

Happiness is a mindset, not just a result

Jurgen Apello, Management 3.0

Happy people are just more pleasant to be around and more happy people would just make the world a better place.  While that should be motivation enough to create more happiness in the world, science has shown that there is a clear correlation between happiness and employee engagement.  Employee engagement in turn increases productivity, collaboration and innovation.

With employee engagement being recorded at barely 31.5% in the US in 2014, it is time that companies paid close attention to worker happiness.

U.S. Employee Engagement, 2013 vs. 2014

Jurgen Apello through his work with Management 3.0 has compiled a poster of 12 scientifically backed steps to happiness:



What steps are you going to take to create more happiness for yourself, for your colleagues, for your employees?