The ICAgile Certification Roadmap

ICAgile (The International Consortium For Agile) is an independent accrediting agency that offers knowledge and competency based certifications in various disciplines with a goal of sustaining organizational Agility.

The organization offers three levels of certifications – Professional, Expert, and Master. The certifications may be obtained by a variety of methods that prove acquired knowledge and demonstrated learning including classroom training and workshops offered by a variety of training providers. Every course is accredited by ICAgile to ensure a quality learning experience and that core learning objectives are met.

The certifications are based on a 3-stage Learning Roadmap with specific learning objectives. The Roadmap was created by a group of 55 leading Agile experts and covers 8 Agile disciplines. It focuses on Agile instead of any particular Agile Methodology, which truly empowers organizations to leverage the roadmap and customize Agile processes and practices to fit their organization and needs.

The table below captures the certification tracks and the specific certifications offered under each track.  Check out the ICAgile interactive Learning Roadmap for more details:



This is the grand plan for ICAgile’s Learning Roadmap and Certification Paths as published by ICAgile: