“My team began using Anjali Leon more than two years ago to begin the discussion of migrating to Agile or a hybrid thereof as a way to improve product development, product time to market, and customer satisfaction with our efforts. Through her teachings, the adoption rate was dramatic and the improvement of customer satisfaction was phenomenal. My business has doubled in the time since we have adopted Agile and my organization is on an annual 25-50% growth spurt. Client satisfaction and participation is at an all time high as is employee moral. Anjali brings a unique ability to understand our business and to suggest ways to adapt in a way that benefits all. Her communication and listening skills are second to none!”

Donald Reynard, Assistant Vice President for Custom Applications and Consulting Services at University of Virginia

“Anjali recently led a team at UVA through Agile training. She is awesome, knows how to bridge functional with technical and is both thorough and thoughtful. The session was one of the best I’ve attended, truly valuable use of our time and we are looking forward to Anjali returning.”

Vonda Durrer, Senior Director of Electronic Research Administration at University of Virginia

“Anjali recently led my software development and management teams through Agile training. She steadily drew powerful results out of us for the entire three-day training module. Anjali is both directive and reflective, and her deep experience with large and complicated projects was extremely valuable to us. We are looking forward to seeing Anjali again.”

Elizabeth Adams, Assistant Vice President for Research Administration at University of Virginia

“I recently participated in two 2-day Agile training sessions led by Anjali for a group of several dozen folks. Many of the people in the audience were very new to Agile, whereas I have lived and breathed it for years, but was attending with my new team. Anjali did a magnificent job of working through the high-level concepts, as well as the more granular details, and the consensus from the group was that they left much more informed and excited than when they arrived. As someone familiar with much of the content, I was not only impressed with Anjali’s depth and breadth of knowledge, but even moreso at her ability to take the pulse of the group and adjust her presentation style and pacing to increase her own effectiveness. I would recommend her without hesitation for training or facilitation sessions.”

Forrest Swope - Data Stewardship Lead, Managerial Reporting Project at University of VA

“Anjali was instrumental to our off-site seminar for the Finance Department at Club Med. She provided a 2-day Business Agility and Team Building Workshop for 52 of our employees coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and work environments. Anjali and her colleague educated my staff on the need for Business Agility, and introduced us to many effective techniques and practices that would help make us more agile. Her training was well-adapted to our company’s needs and was well communicated to our multilingual staff. It has since helped us improve our inter-departmental communications and more effectively perform our daily activities. I thought her presentation was informative, fun and interactive. I believe Anjali will help your company not only improve your communication process, but also pick the right practices to be more effective and perform with greater agility. I would gladly hire her again for our next seminar and also highly recommend her consulting practice to any organization.” – Training conducted through  KeyPerformance and FAU

Jerome Ferrie - CFO ClubMed North America

“Anjali brought our team a wonderful, energized classroom experience. She brought a wealth of information to us, both by her presentation of real-world material and the personal touch she so naturally gives to her students! Anjali’s coaching technique is world class. She instills confidence in her learners while putting a diverse group of people at ease, truly capturing her audience as she encourages advancement of their agile knowledge and skills. I would always seek out Anjali for future training courses, enjoying her clear, concise and highly professional teaching/mentoring manner!”

Cathy Steele, PMP, CSM - Project Manager at Fannie Mae

“Anjali is an excellent and engaging trainer. She knows her subject matter but more importantly is able to adapt to the class and the situation it is being applied in. She is fun and smart and the classes were truly interactive and a great learning environment. She is also a coach who is able to work one on one. She is able to pin point problems and address them in a productive way.”

Jillian Lucas, Vice President Business Transformation at HealthFirst

“Anjali Leon is an organized Agile coach with a phenomenal knowledge of Agile. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending her Agile 101 training and coaching at HealthFirst. The knowledge we gained helped us change the strategy of our current implementation. Over the three days of training and coaching, Anjali was able to answer questions on the spot and followed up with additional research to address our specific situation. She kept our project in mind and helped us develop an approach that was more agile. Overall she is an outstanding coach and I really look forward to attending more of her Agile coaching sessions!”

Ben Nayyar, CSM - Business Data Analyst at HealthFirst

“Angus Analytics engaged Lithe Speed to assist us with our maturing Agile development process. To our good fortune, they sent us really terrific coach/trainers one of whom is Anjali Leon. Anjali arrived along with a colleague who had previous knowledge of our situation, and stepped right in to lead a 3 day, intensive program that took us from an insurmountable body of work, to a planned, disciplined, believable, achievable, predictable sequence of prioritized Releases, Epics, Stories and Tasks. We walked away from the 3-day program with a firm plan in hand (or on the wall) that we simply would not have been able to create without Anjali’s expertise, leadership, insights, experiences, creativity, understanding, flexibility, and good humor. Anjali quickly became a motivator and team-member all rolled into one. We look forward to meeting our customer’s needs, our employees desire to be successful, and most importantly, doing it on time! I highly recommend Anjali for your Agile needs.”

David Baratz - General Manager at Angus Analytics

“Anjali is a phenomenal person and provided invaluable support and guidance to our Product Development team as we undertook a transformation to Agile methodologies. Anjali quickly earned the trust and respect of our entire team of Product Managers, Designers, Developers, QA Testers and Project Managers and became a truly integral part of our team. I really think many of us wish she could have just stayed on our team forever. Anjali is an expert of Agile processes, and her ability to target areas for growth and evolution was spot on. Her feedback and observations empowered our team to learn to be Agile by embracing the challenges faced and working through them. As a manager and leader of the team I counted on Anjali for insightful advice and perspective that helped me better manage the organizational change that the Agile transformation engendered. I highly recommend Anjali and would greatly welcome any future opportunity to work with her.”

Ezra Nanes - Senior Director, Digital Media Product at AccuWeather

“Anjali has been a great trainer and Agile coach for us. She understood our culture, business and product by immersing herself into our teams. She observed keenly, thought deeply about our products and processes. All these enabled her to provide great actionable recommendations. In a short period of time, she has managed to create a cultural shift in our company and has helped create high performance and happy teams. Her contribution is immense and we are all thankful to her. Anjali is an asset to any organization as a coach or as a leader.”

Ravikiran Rajagopal - Product Owner at AccuWeather

“Over the past few months Anjali has introduced my team and myself to the Agile methodology in what I can only describe as a professional and fun manner. She showed us the concepts, how they can be applied and then helped us to integrate them into our daily lives. She did in three months what many did not think was possible. She was able to show how valuable Agile can be when implemented properly, not just to the developers and managers, but to the executives as well. Her fun and witty personality showed through, even during the challenging mornings early on. First class all the way!”

Stephen Keefer - Software Engineer / Application Developer at AccuWeather

“Anjali is a skilled professional with a real passion for Project Management and Agile in particular. During the 3 years I worked at AJT Systems, I could count on Anjali to show up with a positive attitude and a level of dedication to the company and the team that was both inspiring and motivating. Her technical leadership coupled with her commendable people skills were not only instrumental in ensuring the timely delivery of quality products but in driving the entire team towards excelling and meeting our goals. She kept a keen eye on improving the process for maximum effectiveness. I would be happy to work with her again.”

Danny Valente, Software Engineer at Sonos, Inc.

“I highly recommend Anjali for any Agile coaching or project management engagements. She is highly skilled at organizing and leading teams towards higher productivity and higher job satisfaction while assisting the organization to reach its product goals. She is very perceptive at diagnosing personalities, culture and finding a way to get teams on the right track. I had the pleasure of working with her for more than 10 years at AJT is various capacities leading up to her director role.”

Ron Linares, President at AJT Systems

“Anjali is a true leader, and an amazing project manager. She has the foresight to map a successful route to achieving a company’s goals, and throughout the four years of working together always managed to keep a fun environment. She is a natural born educator, and was always encouraging the team to learn more about the agile process and how to best adapt it for our needs. Under her guidance our team developed practices that helped us and continue to help us improve our processes and team cohesion. Her patience and ability to multitask while managing major projects has always amazed me – And I look forward to working with her on more projects within the company as well as on the events she contributes to with the South Florida Agile Association.”

Marilyn Monteagudo, Business Development Specialist at AJT Systems