Look around you—the world of work is changing!

We now live in a complex, highly competitive, and rapidly changing world where everything is moving at an accelerated pace. The exponential rate of growth in our technical capabilities no longer afford us the luxury of adhering to a detailed plan that we created months earlier. We can no longer rely on brand loyalty alone to help us maintain our competitive edge. Savvy and educated customers are quickly enamored with the next new and exciting thing. A brilliant individual or group with a computer and a novel idea can disrupt the very fabric of our industries.

The new workforce is demanding more meaning and purpose from their work. It does not take much to realize that the organizational structures, processes and ways of working of the industrial age no longer serve us. Our ability to change and respond to change efficiently and effectively is essential to our survival. In short, we need to be more agile!

If you are a startup ready to take the world by storm, you need the right light-weight processes to maintain your flexibility and responsiveness and develop the discipline to scale.

The range and variety of processes and tools to choose from is both scary and exciting. You are probably asking the question, “How do we make sense of it all?” How do we know we are making the right choices for our culture, our organization, our stakeholders, our products, and our employees? How do we help our workforce embrace these new ways of working?

The trusting hand and guidance of an expert can help you navigate this ever evolving landscape and help you make the right choices.

Workshops and Training

Learn Agile methodologies and frameworks like Scrum,  Lean, Kanban, XP while applying it…

Coaching and Mentoring

Deceptively simple on the surface, developing the right mindset and making the Agile processes and…

Expert Facilitation

A neutral facilitator can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a meeting or ceremony…

Pragmatic Project Leadership (PPL) grew out of an growing demand for organizations to find elegant and effective ways of managing work and engaging people that fit their culture, their environment, and their goals.  The purpose of PPL is to help individuals and teams at all levels of an organization develop and implement the right mindset and practices to approach their own work with greater creativity, energy, freedom and purpose.  We know this will not just lead to a more engaged workforce but one that will enable their organizations to thrive.

With PPL you get the expertise of an experienced and highly effective Agile Coach, Trainer, and Mentor. Companies in South Florida now have access to local and affordable expertise in Agility, Innovation, and Leadership.

PPLs offerings include standard as well as customized training and workshops for project based learning with Agile and Lean mindset, processes, practices. Additionally, a coach and mentor can help organizational leaders effectively lead and navigate the change, and guide teams along their journey toward greater engagement, innovation, creativity, collaboration, and performance.

For organizations just starting to explore Agile and Scrum, we will work with you to assess your needs and offer a pragmatic approach to using the right processes and practices that will best suit your organization and needs.

Through a network of associates and partners PPL also offers: Scrum and SAFe Certification Training, PMP Certification Training, Enterprise Transformation Coaching and Consulting, and Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.

Discounts are available for non-profits, B-Corporations, and companies in the South Florida area.